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Choosing a Paint Color for your New House

There’s something exciting about walking into a house with a fresh coat of paint on the walls. It has a way of making you feel you’re entering a new phase of your life. It’s amazing! Whether you’re painting yourself or using a professional, picking the right paint color for your house is an important decision. Some may struggle with this decision seeing as the color has a tendency of interpreting your personality or determining the beauty of the house. There’s a lot at stake. (Right?)

So how do you choose a paint color that you’ll ultimately be happy with every time you walk into your house? Let’s find out.

  1. Start with a theme: The first step is to begin with questions. Ask yourself how you envision your house to look based on your personality or interior design preferences. Are you someone that appreciates bold bright colors or more of an earthy, neutral tone person? Are you minimalistic or a mix of contemporary and Scandinavian? The answers to questions like this can help you determine the type of color that best represents what you’d like for your house. 
  2. Use the color wheel: You could also try the color wheel approach. Take a good look at the wheel and pick a color you’re comfortable with or try a color paint gradient. It is important to learn about complementary colors so you can pick colors that go well together. Colors can change the appearance of a room, for example cool colors like green or blue can make a room look bigger while red and yellow gives a room an electric happy look.
  3. When all fails, use neutral colors: This works when you simply want a classy look without putting in a lot of effort. White, grey, brown, beige are some of the colors to go for to create an elegant, effortless appearance. The lighter the shade of color, the bigger the room appears. Another way to spice up your neutral colors is to do an accent wall with a bolder color. This is important if you would like to have a bit of color in your house. An accent wall features a bold color or mixture od colors that anchors a room. It can add sophistication to a house, especially when merged with interior decor pieces. 

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