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Factors to Consider when Renting a House

Renting a house, especially in a city like Lagos, can be a daunting affair. The journey of finding a suitable and affordable home can be time consuming, stressful and expensive without a proper plan. When you finally find a house that looks decent, few weeks down the line, you realise the house you thought was grreat isn’t all that after all. By then you’re probably too late to undo your signature on the contract or accepted to living in a crappy house for the entire year. To avoid situations like this, there are some factors you can consider before paying rent for a new house in Lagos.

  1. Water damage: This is a fairly common problem with houses. A plumbing fix gone wrong or just extensive water damage from floods can quickly cause issues for a new renter. Always check the walls for moulds, dampness, peels etc of the apartment you want to rent. A good place to check is the back of pre-existing wardrobes, they sometimes hold the biggest secrets to the true nature of the walls behind the camouflage of a fresh coat of paint.
  2. Ventilation: A house can feel properly ventilated during your initial inspection with your agent but always consider the direction the air is coming from.a house may be filled with air when the front door is wide open but suffer from poor airflow when the door is closed. Take the time to investigate where that gust of air is rushing in from before going ahead to make payment.
  3. Security and Proximity: Conduct a survey on the location of the house in terms of security. Ask your neighbors, friends and even random store owners around what they think about the safety level in the area. You could avoid a number of issues based on the feedback you get. Another important part is to check the proximity to work and ease of commuting. How much will it cost you to get to work on a daily basis? How far is the house to major roads etc. Ask these questions before making a commitment. 
  4. Light Situation: An important detail to know is the situation of light both in the building and the area. A sneaky factor that can ruin your house experience is outstanding light bills on houses without prepaid meters. Ensure you are aware of any unpaid bills before you make payment for the house.
  5. The state of the house: Check for major fixes and determine your comfort level fixing them. Some houses are usually fixed up (plumbing, painting etc) before a potential renter sees it. Some buildings, however, leave the fixing to tenants. Sometimes this can snatch up quite a lump sum fee. It is important to check all amenities and facilities before signing that contract. 

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