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3 Construction Projects We Are Currently Excited About

The world has been making a lot of progress in the construction sector. Construction is a major industry and has had a great impact on the economic growth of nations of the world. The construction industry is diversified and brings cost-effective building solutions.

Construction plays an important role in the economy, and industrial activities are vital to the attainment of national social and economic development. The duty of providing shelter, infrastructure, and employment is solely on the construction industry.

Here are some of the major construction projects we are excited about at Rhema Project.

  1. Middle Level Market

The mid-level market project aims at creating a unique market experience at the middle level chain of the fruit and food commodities market depending on specific requirements. The aim of the project is to create an all-inclusive modern market system that converts the unorganized and local market into an organized market. The location of the site is along Agege-Motor Road, Idi-oro, Mushin, Lagos State.

The project consists of the main building which is at its finishing stages, this is where the primary activities will take place and the utility building which will serve as a storehouse for various tools and equipment that would be needed as well as many other sections.

  1. OAW Assembly Plant

This project is a 5305.56 square meters vehicle assembly plant where company-owned parts suppliers are brought together for assembly.

An assembly line where individual parts of a car product are assembled in sequence until the final piece is produced.

The efficiency and speed of these operations lead to significant cost-efficient advantages such that more units can be produced at a lower cost per unit. Another purpose and advantage of the assembly plant are that it ensures product uniformity and speed in manufacturing.

  1. Lagos Food Security Systems and Logistics Hub

The project’s focus is to create a modern and smart central market system with facilities for major food processing, storage and distribution for Lagos State. The facilities will be able to: store, repackage and redistribute both dry and fresh food products.

This means that all people, always, will have access to sufficient, safe, and nutritious food that ensures healthy living, once completed.

Over the coming decades, due to varying climates, growing global population, increased food prices, and environmental changes, there will be significant impacts on food security.

But with the aid of this system, it is possible to mitigate the effects. Within the market system, food produced would be strictly monitored to certify its quality before it is sent to consumers. A proper storage facility would be made available to ensure that the quality of all produced is preserved for as long as possible.

Quick and efficient distribution would be introduced as well.

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