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3 Ways to Make your Nigerian Home Minimalist

Your Nigerian home should be a haven. After arguing with the Danfo conductor for your change, and sitting hours in traffic, you should get into your home and start to feel better almost immediately. Having a minimalist home helps you achieve this.

Living in a minimalist home is like breathing among trees. It is soft and light and peaceful. Minimalism is when your home is decluttered and stripped to its essentials only. The irony is that a minimalist home looks simple but it takes hard work to pull off. These are 3 ways to immediately start to make your Nigerian Home Minimalist:

Clear surfaces

You can never go wrong with clear surfaces. The first step is to start to declutter your surfaces: Walls, tables, floors.

The essence of minimalist homes is to keep them simple. Retain only the essentials. Clear your walls except for one or two pieces of beautiful artwork. Same thing with all flat surfaces. Don’t have anything on them, except one or two simple decorations. You can trash, donate or find storage out of sight to keep the things that will go. Doing this alone will make everything much more minimal-looking.

Some people hang all kinds of stuff on their walls. Their primary school medals, their computer training certificate from 20 years ago, everything. Not in a minimalist home. Clear your walls except for one or two simple pieces of nice artwork.

Minimal furniture

A minimalist room should have only a few important furniture pieces. For example, your living room may only retain a couch, another chair, a coffee table, a simple gadgets shelf (not a huge one with a bunch of shelves), a television, and a couple of lamps.

It could even contain less (couch, chairs, and coffee table, for example). A bedroom might have a simple bed (or even just a mattress), a dresser, and perhaps a nightstand or bookshelf.

Quality over quantity

This is the golden rule of minimalism. Try not to keep multiples of the same thing. Instead of buying and keeping things you will not need for years, a minimalist chooses just a few really good things he cherishes and uses often. For example, a really good table > 5 pieces of fittings.

Live a good life!

Does a minimalist home lack excitement? Some people may think this, but a minimalist home enhances calmness, satisfaction, freedom. Having a minimalist home is liberating, and can be fulfilling. You should try it!

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