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How to rent a cheap apartment in Lagos without breaking the bank

If you have ever gone house hunting in Lagos, then you know how expensive and stressful renting a house can be. From endless agent fees to outrageous rents, finding a decent house can be a tasking and pocket-draining activity. But there’s hope!

Finding cheap houses to rent in Lagos shouldn’t drain all your savings. We have listed 5 ways you can find an apartment in Lagos without breaking the bank.

1)    Talk to your friends/family

An important step when looking for an affordable house is to start from your network and inner circle. Talk to your friends, family, colleagues and ask if they know of any free spaces or someone on the verge of moving out of an apartment. This way, you can avoid multiple agency fees and have direct access to the landlord/landlady. This is one of the easiest ways to move into a new house without spending all your savings. 

2)    Pick the right agent

If you can’t have direct access to the landlord/landlady, the next best thing is an agent. Finding the right agent can make house hunting a bearable experience, especially for your pocket. Instead of paying multiple agents to aid your search, vet and pick 2 agents instead. We recommend using house leasing platforms or a recommended agent who understands your budget and preferences.  

3)    Find the ideal area based on budget

Now that you have an agent, you must communicate your preferences and budget to him/her and be realistic about it. We recommend moving away from sought-after areas as houses in those areas tend to be overly expensive with smaller spaces. Focus instead on less popular locations that can offer you more options well suited to your budget.

4)    Negotiate

After your agent finds you a house within your budget and preferred location, the next thing would be to negotiate for a lower rent. Some homeowners are open to negotiation so try to beat down your rent and see if your landlord/landlady will budge. You just might be lucky.

5)    Partner up

If all else fails, partner up. Find a like-minded individual you can split the rent with and live as flatmates/roommates. This is one of the simplest ways to live in a decent house without much financial strain since everything will be split 50-50.

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